Selection processes from the home office

15. May 2020 in News

Recruiting, as we have known and loved up to now, is changing. Even though digital instruments such as online assessments have been in use for some time, at some point recruiters and applicants meet personally on company premises: whether for a job interview, an AC or a trial workday. At the moment it’s different: closed offices and a comprehensive home office are part of everyday recruiting life. It is clear that as many HR processes as possible should be digitalised. Which processes exactly and how?  With 20 ELIGO years of experience we have already developed many digital versions of our HR instruments and have implemented them into our customer’s processes. We have compiled four of these strategies here – for your efficient HR work from the home office.

Transfer your classic job interviews into the digital space with the help of video-based interviews.

We take care of the technical infrastructure and conduct the interviews on your behalf or possibly together with you in a video conferences. In combination with automatically generated interview guidelines, diagnostically relevant values can be collected to support and ficilitae your hiring decision.

The integration of work samples raises the informative value of the video interview even a step higher. We would be happy to create suitable tasks for you and provide them in the interview. Using the video and web meeting function, we even offer the possibility of conducting entire assessment centers in real time. Up to three observers from your company can take part per applicant; we will even take over the organisation and moderation if desired. Customers whom we supported with classic assessment centers just a few weeks ago are already using this digital form successfully.

Your regular HR meetings and concept meetings are in danger of being cancelled? We offer you workshops on internal training measures and organize them for you online. We guide you through the programme in a moderating role and support you in the technical implementation.

Last but not least, we offer you training courses that address the specific differences between face-to-face and video interviews. Video interviews are also an efficient instrument, regardless of the current situation, which reduces costs in particular – however the correct handling of this medium must also be learnt. What do you have to pay attention to when answering questions and how do you select the questions? We will show you the necessary tricks in order to gain the best possible diagnostic insights in virtual space.

The technical opportunities available to us enable holistic recruiting from the home office – from initial assessment to the end process of hiring.  The entire process can be digitalised and thus adapted to any circumstances. It always remains an individual decision as to just how much digitalisation is best suited to your case.