Nomen est omen

Derived from the Latin “eligere” (to choose, to select), eligo means “I select”.

Our original product ELIGO Classic was the result of studies on how findings in the field of psychological diagnostics can be applied to personnel selection in efficient and concrete ways. It paved the way for the time-efficient implementation of psychometric testing on personal computers. At the same time, we developed innovative test formats specifically tailored to PC-based testing.

Our company ELIGO GmbH Online Psychometric Testing owes its name to that product. It was founded in 1999 by Prof. Dr. Heinrich Wottawa as a spin-off of Ruhr University in Bochum. Since July 2013, Prof. Wottawa has shared the position of CEO with Dr. Christian Montel, previously the authorized officer and head of research and development.

The next innovation was soon to follow. The new product PERLS® (Personnel System) was conceived as an Internet application and developed in the years 2001/2002. Its modular structure, comprehensive results reporting, comparisons of candidates and special reporting options considerably expanded the application options of psychological diagnostics. Since then, the Internet platform PERLS® has been continuously enhanced with new assessments and functions.

In addition to the products PERLS® and ELIGO Classic, we offer a full range of assessment tools and methods, as well as the related process analysis and optimization services. We will be happy to advise you at your offices, or at our offices in Bochum, Berlin and Vienna, and to implement projects with you that deliver genuine benefits for you.

Whichever challenge you want to take on, we’ll be right there with you!