Personnel diagnostics

It’s a simple principle

Organizations that understand their employees, and adjust their structures and processes to provide individual support, are not only more effective and successful in their business, but can also cut costs in the long run – but how?

Scientific findings

Talents and potential have to be accurately assessed and linked to performance. Psychological findings and methods supply the necessary scientific basis.

Quality is a must

Academic findings cannot automatically be applied to business practice. This is where our experts come in – they will be happy to support you in the process. Naturally, all our work is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the German standard DIN 33430, especially with regard to:

  • Qualifications of the experts involved
  • Quality of the instruments used
  • Adherence to appropriate procedures

Practical application is what we do

We will support you with our specialized expertise and technical innovations so that you can focus on the essentials – your employees. We attach particular importance to the following:

  • All methods used must be in line with requirements
  • High objectivity and reliability of results
  • Transparent and fair assessments
  • High validity of assessments based on empirically proven results
  • Involvement of various stakeholders (esp. top management, expert divisions, HR management and staff representatives) in the planning and evaluation of assessment processes

What do you know about the quality of your processes and decisions?

We recommend a systematic analysis of the entire HR assessment process and a review of the specific selection criteria your organization uses based on reliable results from practice. Your benefits:

  • Potential weaknesses can be identified, and the process as a whole can be improved.
  • Performance can be made measurable and objectively evaluated.

Review the actual performance of HR processes and decisions in your organization – so that you know not only what HR costs, but also how it benefits you.