Types of tests

PERLS® includes very diverse test formats that can be individually combined following a method-mix approach:

  1. Questionnaire
  2. Motivation matrix
  3. Situational test
  4. Objective personality test
  5. Performance test
  6. Speed test

Real-time reporting

Within a few minutes of completion of an online assessment, PERLS® automatically compiles a written feedback report. The report presents the results in an easy-to-understand way and provides aids for their interpretation.

Fair ranking

Test scales and reference groups (standards) selected to fit the target group, as well as the definition of expectations in desired ranges of results, allow a fair ranking of candidates’ fit for the position, job, training programme or personnel development programme in question.

PERLS® languages

Our online assessments can currently be implemented in a total of 15 languages. Further languages can be integrated into PERLS® without problems – contact us about your language requirements.

PERLS® front end

The PERLS® front end is an easy-to-use module for the administration of test participants and results. It allows both independent registration and invitation of participants to an online assessment, and independent administration of results and feedback reports.

Adaptation to your corporate design

The layout of PERLS® for test implementation and results reporting can be adapted to the look and feel of your organization. In addition, we develop customized assessments and feedback reports based on your specific needs.

Integrated 360° feedback system

PERLS® includes a 360° feedback system for the integration of content specific to your organization as part of feedback projects (comparison of self-image and public image, peer rating, 360° feedback).