We observe the requirements of the German standard DIN 33430 for assessment methods and procedures and attach particular importance to the scientific foundation of our assessment tests. This allows us to achieve valid results with PERLS®.


Due to standardized test presentation and automated evaluation, PERLS® guarantees the greatest possible objectivity in terms of:

  • Implementation
  • Evaluation
  • Interpretation of results


PERLS® includes only standardized tests that have proven their worth in years of application. Due to continuous updating of standards, a maximum of comparability and fairness is ensured.

Validity & reliability

All our assessments are developed and reviewed in line with the requirements of reliability and validity, and in accordance with the current state of scientific knowledge.

We offer the option of reviewing the validity of test profiles that you use or plan to use in your projects by carrying out scientific studies. For detailed information on validity studies, feel free to contact us.