Career orientation

Which job is the right fit for me?

There are few decisions as important as choosing the right profession. You may not be able to assess your own strengths in the best possible way because you don’t have the right methods available. And even if you’re aware of your talents, you may still not know which profession will be a good fit for them.

We’ll be your compass

We support students, university graduates and professionals in questions of career orientation by assessing their individual strengths and competencies, and pointing them to jobs and professions that match their profile. Both individuals and organizations can benefit from the solid basis for decision-making we provide. It’s a potential asset – not just for employers – to explore which career path is best suited for which individual at an early point in time, whether that path is as an expert, in management or in project work.

Our range of offers for career orientation

  • Self-assessment tools for choosing traineeships: serve to determine your best personal fit for different fields of work, professions or specializations, promote accurate self-assessment, prepare for interviews and assessment centres, help you get an idea of your own strengths and development potential, help you filter the information important to you from a flood of offers.
  • Web-based guidance for prospective university students: gives students a better idea of their choice of degree programmes in advance and results in a better student-to-programme fit, lower drop-out rates, less switching between programmes, and faster completion of degrees.
  • Career re-orientation: gives you an opportunity to identify skills and put your further career planning on an additional information base, determine further training needs and assess your own potential for further education.

No one-size-fits-all solutions

Our services and products are as varied as their target groups. We develop products with the goal of meeting your specific expectations.