Personnel development

Discover and systematically develop your employees’ potential through innovative talent management.

Targeted development

Perhaps the most important task of an organization is to offer its employees individualized opportunities for development, and to position each individual in the best possible way. It is a decisive factor in competition to know who has the potential for higher-level tasks, who has which talents, who has potential for development in what direction, and where there is a need for development.

Quality over quantity

Our approach is based on the conviction that personnel development should be an individualized undertaking. Which strategy is useful, and for whom, depends largely on each employee’s personal profile, skills and interests. For this reason, an analysis of potential is usually the first step we recommend.

The right tool

An assessment of development opportunities or analysis of potential generally consists of psychometric testing and an assessment interview, and can be supplemented by other tools and assessments, such as a performance appraisal by a supervisor or a development discussion. Additional options are potential audits and development centres. We consider it particularly important to conduct detailed feedback sessions and use the insights gained to promote sustainable management of individualized personnel development strategies within the organization.

We also develop tools to support the career re-orientation of employees, e.g. as part of our work with labour market reintegration programmes.

Of course we not only provide the tools, but also support for every step of the way, from the design and pilot phase to the implementation of the programme you choose.