Personnel marketing

A good image is the key to success

To get talent to be enthusiastic about your organization, your brand has to appeal to your target group. The myth that it’s only the applicants who have to try hard to please their future employer in order to land a job has long been discarded. An organization’s positive visibility is at least as essential as an individual’s fit for its corporate culture.

Recruit and retain talent

The ability to recognize changes on the market and shifting needs is one of the main conditions for gaining a competitive edge at the right time. In a competitive market like HR management, you need effective and efficient strategies to position your organization in the best possible way in the market for potential applicants. The focus of interest is on their needs – they represent the demand side in the process of recruiting personnel and ensuring optimum support for employees in your organization for the long term.

The right strategy will:

  • Make your employer brand better-known and more successful
  • Attract high performers specifically to your organization
  • Optimize your talent relationship management

Our know-how – your success

We develop attractive recruiting strategies that help you attract potential applicants to your organization and gain an advantage in the war for talent.

Specifically, we will support your personnel marketing e.g. by means of online self-assessments that provide participants with orientation about their fit for various jobs. Such assessments increase the motivation of your (future) employees and enhance the positive image of your organization.

As part of our human resources market research, we can produce studies specific to your organization that give you important insights for optimizing your personnel marketing strategy in terms of attraction, recruitment and retention.


We develop assessments for you that are set in a playful advertising context and that help prospective applicants find out more about themselves. At the same time, they get to know the organization hosting the assessment.

This gives test participants an assessment of their interests and talents, their fit for a certain profession, or information about their work-life balance, their intercultural skills (Explorer module) or simply about a course of studies that would be a good fit for them (BORAKEL).