Personnel selection

Finding the right employees

Finding the right people and employing them in the right positions is a real challenge. It seems like the obvious solution is to base your conclusions about an applicant’s fit for a position you are seeking to fill on their qualifications and work experience.

Experience is not enough

In times of increasing complexity and rapid change, previous experience is not enough to predict future performance. Your employees need to have the potential for adaptation and learning, and should also be a good personal fit for your corporate culture. As career trajectories and CVs have become more varied, and people often rise to the challenge of switching to a completely new field of work, formal qualifications have become less important. What’s more important is talent and the potential to quickly adjust to a new field of work.

Our services

Our services include everything from partially or fully automated screening processes based on clearly defined criteria, and further steps like online assessments and telephone interviews, to face-to-face interviews, audits and assessment centres, complete with training courses. We also offer the option of analyzing your selection process and providing comprehensive consulting for its optimization. And we won’t leave you to your own devices when implementing process improvements – we’ll happily be by your side throughout the entire personnel process and subsequently evaluate the various stages and steps.

The benefits are clear

  • Structured screening processes save personnel managers time and cut organizations’ expenses. The selection process can be shortened and will yield more valid results.
  • Decision-makers are provided with the information on applicants’ talents, motivation and experience that is relevant to their selection decision.
  • Our products are designed for different target groups and provide important information on existing strengths and development potential for interns, trainees, university graduates, experts and managers.