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Thank you choosing this starting point for your visit to our website. On this page, you can choose the perspective from which you want to learn more about our activities.

  • Our pages for employers will give you an insight into the diagnostic basis of our work. In addition, you will find information on our tools and their fields of application. Find out what the benefits can be for you specifically if you optimize aptitude assessment in your HR processes.
  • On our pages for test participants, the focus is on online assessments. Find out more about how to prepare for an assessment, how it is implemented and how the results are presented, and benefit from the experiences of other participants who have tried out our tools.
  • Perhaps you’ve noticed the similar structure of our pages for employers and for employee organizations. The reason for this is that we want to provide the information you need in a transparent and comparable way, but also with a focus on each target group. These pages are intended to give you an idea of our assessments, their fields of application, our tools and their benefits.
  • If you are at a university, read about recent new developments that may be interesting to you, and about our contribution to research. Online academic guidance is one of our main concerns. It can add great value to your university as well. We also offer opportunities for cooperation to promote greater practical relevance of research and teaching.