Employee organizations

Fair selection matters

Basically, we want everyone to get the internship or job they want. Sometimes, the only reason it doesn’t work out is because there are not enough positions for too many good applicants. – Unfortunately, our tools cannot change anything about a lack of jobs.

However, not every candidate is an equally good fit for every position. If a person cannot deal with the work or is not a good fit for the tasks involved in a position, the disadvantages outweigh the benefits. The person will become dissatisfied and often even ill. The company will lose out on performance. Moreover, someone else who would be a better fit is missing out on a good job. But how can objective and well-founded decisions be taken? People often say that you have to rely on your judgement of character or your intuition – we believe that there are better options.

Better than subjective impressions

The specific requirements of a job or internship must form the basis of selection. The selection process must be limited to those aspects that are relevant to the requirements (as is also stipulated by §32 of the German Federal Data Protection Act).

To assess a person’s aptitude on this basis, tools that deliver conclusive results are just as important as defining the decision-making process and rules applied in compiling the results to form a judgement on the candidate’s fit for the position. Both aspects are required by the German standard for aptitude assessment (DIN 33430). If the selection process is computer-aided, data protection must absolutely be ensured.

You can find information on the scientific foundation of our work under the heading “Diagnostic basis”. Explore our range of different tools for personnel selection and personnel development, and get an impression of their fields of application.

We also want to give you some insight into the benefits of HR assessment and personnel diagnostics.