Fields of application

Our range of services covers all aspects of personnel selection and personnel development, career orientation and personnel marketing. The services and tools we offer are as individual as the target groups for which they are designed. Validation and evaluation of implemented projects delivers proof of their success.

Personnel selection

It’s no easy task to select the ideal person for an organization and to employ them in the right job. Grade point averages and technical qualifications are no longer a sufficient basis for predicting future success. It’s essential to carry out a comprehensive assessment of applicants’ potential and make sure they fit with the corporate culture.

How it works

Our approach considers the applicants’ experience, talents and motivation in equal measure. We support personnel selection with either partially or fully automated processes, always based on clearly defined requirements and criteria. The potential stages include online assessments and telephone interviews, but also face-to-face interviews, audits and assessment centres if desired. Training courses are a useful addition.

Personnel development

Assessment of the situation, analysis of potential and career planning are essential elements of personnel development. Perhaps the most important task of a company is to discover and promote talents, offer employees opportunities for individual development, and put each individual in the position that is best for them. Individually adapted development strategies have a positive effect on motivation and job satisfaction, and are the cornerstone of systematic talent management.

How it works

Which strategy is best suited for each employee? A meaningful answer must take into account a person’s personality profile, skills and interests. For this reason, an analysis of potential is usually the first step in the process. Such an assessment of the situation may include, for instance, an online assessment and an assessment interview. Further tools and processes (360° feedback, performance appraisal by a supervisor, development interviews etc.) are useful additions. Another option is to use potential audits and development centres, always complete with comprehensive feedback to candidates. The insights thus gained create the conditions for individual planning and sustainable implementation of development strategies.

Providing career orientation

Knowing your own talents is one thing – finding the right job is something else entirely. Career orientation tools give users the opportunity to get a clear idea of their own strengths and weaknesses, and to identify jobs and professions that are a good fit for them.

How it works

Online assessments are used to gather information on motivation, working styles, skills, performance potential and interests. Scientifically based evaluation permits a comparison of these aspects with the requirements involved in training courses, degree programmes, professions or specific jobs, and results in a choice of options that are the best fit for the person in question.

For students, graduates and professionals, we develop:

  • Self-exploration tools that help with the search for the right profession
  • Guidance tools for prospective university students
  • Orientation tools for professionals to optimize career planning and identify further training needs and further education potential

Combining altruism and marketing

A company’s positive impact is just as decisive for success as the fact that an individual is a good match for it. Using tools for career orientation can:

  • Make employer brands better known and more successful, and more attractive to the desired target group
  • Improve the motivation of potential and future employees
  • Help attract talents and retain them in the long run