Comprehensive talent management

It is not enough just to hire qualified employees. Every single element of your HR work deserves special attention.

Our core competence is identifying the specific potential of applicants and employees, and to tap into that potential for the benefit of your organization. In the process, the different requirements that each organization has for HR work are a particular challenge. That is why a comprehensive view of HR processes under strategic aspects makes sense – and we will support you with the technical expertise you need every step of the way.

We don’t stop at conceptual design; instead, we help you identify the appropriate methods and instruments, and to align them with the specific needs of your organization. Our tools have proven their worth in years of application, and our expertise has steadily grown in the process. Whether we adapt one of our tools specifically to your needs or develop new, customized solutions for you – we provide competent and comprehensive consulting.

Our online assessments not only enable predictions; they also create the conditions for cost-efficient work. Due to the internet technology of the online assessment platform PERLS® and the optimized adaptation of application processes to the opportunities offered by this technology, personnel selection can be carried out with both increased speed and higher quality. Our innovative design of traditional tools such as assessment centres and interviews will also help you identify high potentials at an early point and discover hidden strengths.

You can find more information on our assessment practice here. What tools are suited for application in your organization depends on your project objectives. Get an overview of potential fields of application. We also want to give you some insight into the benefits of HR assessment and diagnostics.