What’s in a feedback report?

A feedback report generally consists of several pages in A4 format that list your results, complete with written explanations, for all test dimensions. For this, your responses to the individual questions and tasks are summarized as parts of test dimensions, i.e. traits or motivations (e.g. willingness to learn). The presentation of the results is easy to understand, with a combination of graphics and text to give you a clear explanation of your results.

How valid is an assessment?

Our assessments are developed in accordance with the scientific standards and quality criteria defined in the German standard for proficiency assessment procedures (DIN 33430). New assessments are only approved for use after comprehensive review and quality control, which often requires months of preparatory work. This also ensures that the results are valid.

The feedback report is compiled on the basis of the responses you gave while working on the assessment. Your responses are processed according to strict rules and then put in relation to the responses given by a reference group in order to ensure great objectivity and fairness in evaluating the results. This gives you an opportunity to compare your strengths and weaknesses to those of other people on an objective basis.

Nevertheless, you may find that you see yourself differently and know yourself to be different from what is indicated by the results of the online assessment. This can be a good thing for the following reason: We don’t often compare ourselves to a large and varied group of people (such as the large number of people who form a reference group), just with a rather small number of people we know quite well. That is why, although your subjective impression may be right, an objective comparison can still lead to a somewhat different result. It is also important not to see the result as the irrefutable truth, but rather as a basis for further reflection on your own strengths and development potential.

What does eligo do with the data?

All online assessments include a data protection statement that informs you about the time, place and duration of storage of your personal data. In order to evaluate an online assessment, first of all, all responses entered have to be saved. Generally, after they have been processed, the responses are separated from your personal data no more than three months later, and your personal data (first name, last name, email address) are deleted. Only the anonymous data are then used for scientific purposes, to further develop our assessments and to document quality assurance.

Independently of the above, you are entitled under §35(2) of the German Federal Data Protection Act to demand the deletion of part or all of your data at any time. We will comply with such requests without delay.