Current trends

The comeback of dual education

For a long time, the German system of dual vocational education and training was not highly regarded, though it is one of the country’s competitive advantages. Only university degrees were considered important, especially in international rankings of educational systems. But since mass youth unemployment has hit many South European countries, this “old-fashioned” system has become an export item.

However, due to high educational aspirations in Germany and increasing demands made of employees, we have to find new ways to combine the early integration of young people into working life with specialized training that also includes an excellent theoretical grounding. The ideal model for achieving this consists in modern variations on dual education programmes. We are happy to advise universities and cooperating organizations in the process of recruiting and selecting students for such programmes.

Publish or perish vs. practical skills

Especially at universities, young researchers are under an enormous and unprecedented amount of pressure to publish in international journals. As a consequence, they have hardly any time for practical work or for gathering personal experience in their field. This leads to problems not only for researchers who have no choice but to abandon their academic careers after a few years and seek new careers, but also for the students they have taught, who will also lack some practical skills.

To address this conundrum, we seek to give all interested parties in-depth insights into our work. We do this by giving lectures at universities, but also by fostering extensive personal contacts, such as long-term fellowships for researchers at our offices in Bochum and in Berlin. Ideally, these will result in cooperative research projects that let academics gain practical experience and catch up on the time invested in publications.

Sharing experience: HR-related degree programmes

In recent years, a large number of degree programmes specialized in HR have been created, especially at vocational colleges. Finally, schools are beginning to cover the business world’s demand for well-educated young professionals specifically trained in HR.

However, we still lack an established platform where the educators responsible for these new programmes, who often come from very different educational backgrounds, can swap ideas, share their experiences and be inspired by their peers’ ideas. To create such a platform, we organize meetings chaired by Prof. Dr. Wottawa on a regular basis. The first such meeting took place in February 2014. Are you interested? Contact us at service[at]